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Growing Pains  

Had to fall out of love for thee
in order to bear the pain,
of thy being
Turned away drooping ears
to lessen the sound of
of thou troubled cries
Drained are nigh of mine eyes
to not share in the flow
of thy tears
Displaced my soul
into safe keeping
to spare it from thy
wails and weeping
Dust soils the brows
with crumbled dreams
fallen stars now vanish
within life’s rivers and streams
How hath this cometh to pass
wherefore the brightness
 t’was of my wishful seeing
turn now t’ward the byways
seekth thee their path awry
Thy youthful plans doth hide
far reached have they now steered
above whence waters fall
deep beyond the weirs


Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

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Growing Pains



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