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~HORROR OF 9/11~
          There are a few things that are hard to forget. The horror of 9/11 is still haunting me after so many years. At that time I was a Day-trader in US stock market. That day I saw as it happened on TV in live coverage. Planes crashing in the Towers, Explosions and fire followed by  a collapse of both towers was beyond any horror movie I have seen. Someone jumping out of a window was in the background of flames was as a tiny figure in the flames. I remember it like it has happened today. I was posting on a financial website where each stock/company had its own board. I posted on all the boards and posted links where to send money and How. I donated as much as I could. Daughter of famous Actor David Niven, Barbara Niven was also on that site as an investor. She also joined the campaign to support the families of the victims. I was born in India and immigrated to the UK and all my children are born in England but my granddaughter is an American born and is living in the USA. My loyalty is for three countries and the attack on the US was an attack on my Granddaughter's country. I felt very bad and sad about that and I still do.
          UK supported the US in those days of extreme terrorism and American National Anthem was played during the Change of Guards in Buckingham Palace. One trader wanted to thank the Palace for such supporting gesture and asked my help knowing I was living in England. I phoned the Palace and conveyed his thanks for playing American National anthem. They were very helpful and put me through the person in charge and responsible for the selection of the American National Anthem. I thanked him on behalf of that trader. He was touched and gave me his phone number so that the trader can phone him directly and personally from USA. This made me realise how close UK and USA are. Helping each other in time of their need is a test of true alliance.
          My prayers are for the victims of the 9/11 terror attack and for their family and friends and deep sympathy for the people of USA.
          Love and peace,
          Kris ~ Dreamweaver
        11th September 2022.



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