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Written by Stella C Mitchell

( In tribute to the death of 
  Queen Elizabeth 11.
  September 2022 )


In the waiting - listening 
Learning - there was always an 
Expectancy - that the day would come - 
Though not desired - when - the news would 
Sound in every corner of the Nation - and indeed the
World - that our dear Queen had passed beyond
This realm - into a rest - beyond the veil -
Beyond our sight - and reach - as 
Yet - for us - with sorrow - but
For her - a joy - so well
Deserved - for her

And now - she willingly lays
Down her earthly crown - at the feet
Of Him - for whom her life was given - in 
Royal duty - through her servitude to us - her
People - subjects - and - without a lessening of her
Acclaim - 0ur friend - she now  is  clothed  in
Even greater glory - from above - and
She wears a greater crown - within
The  Kingdom  of our God - 
That  has  no

In deep humility - so well
Displayed for human eyes to see - and
Ears to hear - through many messages of good
Will - and of gracious words - that lifted heavy hearts 
In  times  of war - and  sorrow - and  in joy - and times of
Peace - she spoke of fortitude and courage - and
Endurance  - that  gave  fearful  hearts  a
Reason to go on - with determination
To succeed - and not look 
Back but win the
Race .

Such was our gracious 
Queen - to many throughout her
Life - a Constant - always there - that  
Steadied even the most fearful heart - and 
With a smile - that lit a shadowed room - above the
Gloom and cares of daily toil - and mediocrity -
Until - with faces set - to - come what may
We soldiered on - through sunshine -
Rain and storm - to face
Each new - and yet
Day .

And now - to us  is given  a
Space in time - when we can grieve -
But not as those who have no hope - but -
With the knowledge that our faithful Queen has 
Run her race - and  lays  her final  wreath of  gratitude
Beneath the cross of Him - the King of kings - for
Her servitude on earth - has gained for her -
A great  reward - and welcome  - to an
Even greater - and more glorious
Realm - and golden
Crown .

And now - I pray - that we her
People - will - in days to come - give our
Allegiance to his Majesty - her son - and yet - I
Pray - our lives be - even richer still - through giving
Our allegiance to the Heavenly One - and thank Him for 
His kindness in His gift to us - of our dear Queen - a
Shining flame - and now - may we be found as
Those - whose earthly race is still to run 
Who seek His face - and then - with
Perseverance and endurance -
Overcome -  until - we too -
Will reach His Glorious
And Eternal
Home .

Amen .


I am truly grateful to the LORD for giving the
United Kingdom our late Queen . She
was truly a gracious Lady .

But now I pray , that the LORD will anoint and
bless our new king , Charles 111 .. and help
him to reign as faithfully as did
his mother.

Amen .

God bless you all


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