Queen Elizabeast II: Sleezy Lizzy is Dead


Queen Elizabeast: Sleezy Lizzy is Dead

I wonder if the Aborigines of Australia are mourning Britain's lost. The people of India, the people of the Carribean,
of Nigeria, Guinea or the Gold Coast

Corporate capitalist media venues again attempting to shape your thoughts and mold your views. With an edict of mandatory mourning instead of truth

The truth denied masses worldwide are becoming mesmerized by false narratives, wilful omissions and lies. Half truths going through the roof

As puppet like reporters methologized hagiograhic tales of
her significance and beneficence
with no tangible proof

Betraying the reality of her non-concern towards what would have been mutually fair and good for her so-called subjects

Subjected to greed and ruthlessness. The people of Lesotho, Botswana
and Rhodesia are still suffering
from her cruel seventy year rule

She and her blood thirsty predecessors, stalwart progenitors of mass murder, land theft and white supremacy. Claiming to have civilized the Hindi, Pakistani

Ask the people of Batang Kali Malaysia. Innocent unarmed old men, women and children Massacred in the name of sleezy queen Lizzie

A ruthless predatory hereditary Imperial capitalist monarchy. Generationally vested in economic exploitation, racial discrimination and hundreds of years of day to day humiliation

Taxation without representation by King George the third predicated the ameriKKKan colonist to be the first, through bloody revolution, to flip the British monarchy the bird

That unclean queen, just like Churchill The Mean, used to brag about their empire being so vast that the Sun could not set upon it

I've never been impressed with
unclean Lizzies crown of gold filled
with stolen diamonds, emeralds,
rubies and pearls. Oppressed people worldwide are glad Elizabeast is dead

Once arrogantly boasting ownership of a quarter of the landmass of this world. Fifty seven colonies, dominions, territories and protectorates from around the world

Claiming hereditary descent
from amongst Xristiandom's most libidinous and incestuous

Ostentatiously flaunting their inbred origins with no shame. Demonstrating to the world just how much they all are criminally insane

Specifically by name, Elizabeth, the kindness and morality faker. Now, the time has come for this dispicable monster to meet her maker

Time for her to account for the 1.5 million Kenyan people that were forced into concentration camps between 1952-60

Where they were subjected to beastial and brutal torture, rape, degradation and humiliation in Elizabeth's name. Simular atrocities committed in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

She, her predecessors and descendants have no shame to their disgusting ruthless bigoted game

The queen of British Villainy is
dead. Short lived be the reign of her wretched son the King

May the victims of her illegitimate sovereignty continue to rise up putting an end to this filthy monarchial thing. Short lived be the King

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Queen Elizabeast II: Sleezy Lizzy is Dead