Advice to My Sons

Each generation is worse
than it's predecesor, watch your six.
Respect and get to know your neighbor.
Nothing good in this life comes
without dedication and labor.

Truth, patience and
consistency leads toward success. Demonstrate respect for elders. And loyalty towards righteous peers. In your person, only Allah should elicit fear.

Desparate times desparate people
Keep your head on a swivel
Be enviormentally aware and
of jackers beware.
Their business is foul,

and always personal.
Every brother ain't a brother.
Every associate is not a friend.
A true friend may take decades to win.
Know the difference between the two.

Don't be too trusting, associates will lie to and on you. You never know for who they work. Keep both of your eyes open. Keep your lips sealed. Listen with both ears. For Allah alone show fear.

Everyone need not know your mind or how you feel. You are still young so have fun. Trust your Lord and always bow down before the Supreme One. Don't believe everything people say.

Guard your tongue. Good deeds and actions speak louder then words. It's good to roll with a righteous crew. At other times it's better to walk alone because even alone there's guardians

From your Lord appointed specifically to protect you. Your salaat is a shield. So go heavily or light day or night. Always unhold the path that Allah and His Rasul has deemed to be right, Fisibilillah

Abu Lateef

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Advice to My Sons