Contemplation, reflection, meditation, introspection. Spiritual and intellectual realization of truth.

Comprehending, internalizing Islamic proofs. Essential knowledge from the Divine.

A gift to mankind when humbly sought, plain fact. No ordinary statement. No ordinary book.

Open the Qur'an. Take a look.
Read, recite, proclaim. It will energize your being from heart to brain.

Internalize it. It will revolutionize your mind. Preventing you from committing the greatest crime.

Put to best use your pre-death time. Seek purity of heart by way of the higher reality.

Allah is the One True God. There is no God but He. Allah endows great strength upon Warriors that are dutifully meek.

From beyond the veils seekers seek and may be, inshaa Allah, granted a peek

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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