Anymore Alive

Anymore Alive

I wanted to be a soldier from as far back as I can remember. I quit school in September

I volunteered for the US-Army at age seventeen and was inducted on the fifteenth day of November

I volunteered to become a
Combat Medic with the Infantry to fulfill my childhood dream

Going to war was always a part of my life's scheme. Before going to war I had passed the promotional board exam

And was promoted to pay grade E-5. At that time I had never felt anymore alive. I didn't know much about life but would learn quick

For certain I knew that I didn't believe in a dead naked white man nailed to a wooden cross of a stick. I believed in

Extreme armed violence,
Death and pain. I adapted to warfare quick. I blew up wells and burnt down bamboo hooches just for kicks

Then on my nineteenth birthday during a firefight I was pinned down. Seemed like no help was inwards bound

For the first time in my entire life I actually prayed. Not for a lot but just to stay alive long enough to witness another day

Allah answered my du'a and gradually I began to follow the Straight Way. Now, fifty four years later, I can honestly say

That through didactic capitalist materialist indoctrination and the naivety of youth, in addition to being force fed falsified facts and distorted history

It's no mystery how I and a whole cast of others got played. Having been swayed by Imperialist indoctrination

Senceless enough to have bought
into those lies. But in that state I didn't stay. I woke up to the reality of the
true ameriKKKan way.

Abu Lateef

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Anymore Alive