Stop Singing

As a prepubescent child
and as a teen I would watch them on TV.
Civil rights marchers protesting through singing together in large crowds as the the diabolical white police beat them down.
Even as a child I never understood the concept of not fighting back. We always fought back in my neighborhood.
My parents taught me thatI should.
In full racist regalia and white hoods carrying a big "crucifiction cross"
the Pigs believe themselves to be boss. Crucifixion of the negro seemed to be an art form not lost,
Seems to be these white hooded Xristian's primary mission objective.
As a child... white folks, police and Xristianity for me never
had any appeal.I was born way back in the forties, a few years after
the end of Roosevelt's
New Deal.
Negros singing and protesting about one day being free is something for which I never had a feel.
With me it just didn't have the ring of liberty. Freedom not by proclamation but freedom in action. That's the ameriKKKan way.
Like the ameriKKKan Colonist revolution against the Brits back it the day.
Fighting on until victory only quitting upon death. Real and lasting freedom is obtained by revolt. Giving the oppressors system a jolt.
Not by ballot but by bullets and bloodshed. No group of people in history has ever sung their way to liberty.
We know that ameriKKKa's got talent. But it is way pass time for negros to stop singing

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Stop Singing