My Words Spoken


What's going on in this world,
it's in utter destruction
mad minds seeking
evil endeavors exploding
like volcanic eruptions.

Hell on earth
the keys to its gates
are in the hands of man
while self indulging themselves
in wickedness,
it's all in the god
of this world's plan

Sorcery in evil manifestations
conjured up in spells
of lust and desire
Leading the blind
with your foot on the gas
destination the lake of fire

What's going on in this world
it's turned to Sodom and Gomarah
giving a lack of
dignity and respect
to the disciples who
died as martyrs

False prophets with lies
of extravagant prophesies
coming from all corners of the earth
while telling lies on the most high God
for their own self worth

What's going on in this world
they've lost faith
in the scriptures
they've lost all
hope that our lord and savior
is coming back to deliver us

People killing each other for
a senseless blood thirst
when they've lost the thirst
for the pages of Bible in
every single verse

Pestilence and earthquakes
taking lives in diverse places
While wars and rumors of wars
cry out between all the nations

What's going on in this world
the wickedness is at a high
Their putting perverse things
in our kids faces,
it just makes you wanna cry

Wicked Pastors teaching confusion
under their own false dockets
They've turned and twisted
the holy scriptures to make
profits for their own pockets

What's going on in this world
the most high children's hearts
are burning
These signs are the end of times
and the preparation
for our KING'S returning

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