Crime or Good Deed

Does one have the right to
retaliate when criminally
approached or assaulted.

Fist, club, knife or gun to ward off attack when harm from another to one's self appears imminently to come

It is ever a crime to defend you or someone else in need? Would it be a crime or the doing of a good deed?

Abu Lateef
© 2022

Should only police and the military have the right to own and use firearms? When confronted with becoming a victim of crime what is one to do? Can government provide protection for every single citizen at all times? Are firearms inherently dangerous? Should only criminals have firearms? Public government officials have no solution to crime because they spend too much time policing law abiding citizens rather than focusing their energy to combat the activity of convicted felons. Many politicians have the benefit of personal protection from police bodyguards and or escorts. They live in the gated neighborhoods in better communities. Most have lost touch with the average man in an average community. Many make laws that morally degrade and weaken society. You can not change the conditions of a people until they (the people) change themselves from within. No manner of police nor military troops can bring about  that change. Many believe that most police are too morally bankrupt themselves to bring about change in their selves let alone in anyone else. And Allah knows best © an hour ago    self • defense • 2nd • amendment   

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Crime or Good Deed