Men ain't Women and women ain't men

Men imitating women and women imitating men. How did this sissification of the Western World begin? I have never found cross-dressers to be funny. But you have some who will do anything for money.

There is a movement that denys objective truth. Members of this movement have rapidly sprinted collectively towards fallacy. Deceived are these deniers of reality.

Those who adopt foolish notions based on no objective evidence or proof. Don't buy into their subjective confusion for any price. This cult of homosexual admiration just ain't right.

A miniscule delusional minority group manipulating the minds of the majority into believing one's gender can be whatever fanciful foolishness they want it to be on any particular day.

Pink, white, blue sequins and vanity, ameriKKKans in a perpetual state of gender insanity. Think about it! Homosexuality leads to self annihilation over time.

That is why It has been deemed a sacrilege against humanity. Unequivocally, a satanic inspired crime. Drag Queens in all their makeup, perfume and self loathing,

in addition, their gaudy twisted sense of feminine vanity should never ever be allowed in a child's classroom. What parent allows that? What school board or principal permits that?

Only Islam is capable of restoring Western Society to any sense of moral sanity. Men ain't women and women ain't men. That is not the normal natural order as to how life on this planet did begin.

Abu Lateef

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Men ain`t Women and women ain`t men