Codgers Draft Dodgers

Shamers, patriotically psychotic scamers. DD-214 or Honorable Discharge neither of them got it. Wishing to have been born on the fourth of July.

Both prone to cowardice and lies.
Lacking the testicularity it takes to sign the dotted line, enlist, submit a Department of Defense Form 1049.

Been to many a fun raiser dinning and sipping wine. Two ancient grandfatherly diabolically maniacally cowardly flowery worded draft dodgers during the Vietnam War.

Both threatening to stay for four more. Sinister Seniors vying to walk through the West Wing doors. Shaking hands with folks that aren't really there.

Spreading fake news and lies from ceiling to floor.Take them both directly to jail. Weld shut their cell doors. Neither old codger should be allowed to run, ride bikes, golf or steal anymore.

Abu Lateef

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Codgers Draft Dodgers