Gary Heidnik

Gary Heidnik one of ameriKKKa's most sinister ordained Xristian ministers. In his world of financial management he shone like a star

He held Sunday services and attracted girls as he would cruise the Ghetto
in his big fine all white Cadillac car

It was his choice. I once saw
him driving a Rolls-Royce. I trust,
just keeping this between us,

due to his IQ of 148 many
considered him a genius.
Possessing a mind that was great

His perversely twisted mind
may have been great. But he had
a heart unfit for even swine

Through stock investments,
money he made a lot. He fed his family oven roasted human ribs and a heart that he cooked in a pot

He had his own Un-holy type of trinity. Kidnap, Enslave and Behave or end up in a shallow grave. Most are quick to say that Bishop G. Heidnik was sick

And I would agree. As a
Xristian Minister who believed in
the trinity is it not true that he
is already forgiven?

If so, why did Pennsylvania's
Judeo-Xristian authorities
have the audacity to give him
lethal injection in prison?

Western Xristianity absolves personal responsibility right? Then why do they execute the forgiven? They teach he's in heaven and in a better place right?

Abu Lateef

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Gary Heidnik