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Tatum's Transfixed Telephoners' Tales
an hypnotically-hooked Smart Phone throng, oblivious to the physical world...

Phone Zombies

They walk the streets, oblivious,
yet peaceful at a glance;
you'll know them by the way their eyes 
are always in a trance!

In crowded streets, they move in throngs,
in unison, no less.
How they get 'round, while staring down
is anybody's guess.

What mesmerizing light rays
do those hand-held gadgets send,
to stay imbued with both eyes glued
to screens for hours on end?

On rare occasions, they'll aim up,
to capture new events.
To no surprise, they'll shift their eyes
down on the old contents.

How can such people go through life
with eyes fixed on their phone,
with a spellbound mind that's media-blind,
and no thoughts of their own?


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Phone Zombies