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State Of Affairs
Walking along singing a song in the mist of 
chaos, looked upon in disbelief. A smile and 
a kind gesture is all they’ll get from me.
Many haven’t realized there is more to this life 
than meets the eye. Too caught up in he said she
said, man said God said over days gone by.
Never found the activity very appealing. The
Fault finding, blame seeking and name calling
often on assumptions to the point its appalling.
    No,I fill my heart with love sending it before me as
 my path knowing what I give to others, I also give
myself. Bottom line we are all sister and brothers.
The state of affairs we find ourselves in, makes it
Difficult not to believe we are victims of a system. We
need to Shift away from fear, everything will become clear.
We the People, all races, cultures and nations in 
Collective Unity or at war, the choice is mine and Yours.
World peace begins at home in each humans soul.

We all see it coming so blatant are their ways,  even
broadcast all the forth coming horrors on the nightly News
playing a script out of a future film giving us a preview .
Turn off the television, walk away from the lies and
propaganda ,.stop funding Big Corps and Pharma they
 do not care the ill effects their self-serving profits render.
We are the enemy in our own country can't you see?
The last thing wanted is allowing humanity democracy 
Because then it would end the super riches hierarchy.

Joy Hardy Oct 4, 2022

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