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Tatum's Transient Tektite Tales
the thrill & history of glowing meteorites in flight...

Shooting Stars

An oft-seen nighttime spectacle
is random meteor showers.
They streak across the darkened sky
sporadically, for hours.

We briefly catch a fleeting glimpse
of earthbound, flaming ore
that burns down to a cinder,
from its surface to its core.

Romantically, we'll gaze
upon a shooting star in flight,
in hoping to fulfill a wish
before it's out of sight.

Some cultures from antiquity
of the sacredly devout
saw shooting stars as parting souls
whose temporal force died out.

Celestial bodies once were deemed
a sanctified affair,
and taken for divine
as they were beautiful and rare.

Traditions differ in beliefs
in stars that fall to earth,
from good luck, bad luck, signs from heaven,
angels, death, to birth.

Shooting stars display their magic
in our atmosphere,
evoking ever-growing wonder
all throughout the year.


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Shooting Stars