My Words Spoken

Think About It

Our thoughts are as powerful
as a cataclysmic force
hitting the earth.

But we starve the wisdom that lies
dormant within ourselves like a
lion in front of a kill but to slothful
to take his fill.

Our greed consumes us like a
polluted ocean that flows into seas
which travels down into rivers
which branches out into smaller

The life we give or take in that moment
is a supplement of our future's
components of what could've or what
should've been.

We make the simplicities in our lives complexed
by coveting the rewards of others success
not knowing the choices one made
to get to that point of success.

When storm clouds blow in it doesn't mean
it's raining nor does when the sun shines bright
it's hot outside. So one should think
things aren't always what they seem.

Think about it

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Think About It

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