Poems of Hope and Peace  
  Michelle Lee Carter

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O'sacred head surrounded
by crown of piercing thorns!
O'bleeding head so wounded
reviled and put to scorn!!
Deaths pallid hue come o'er you
the glow of life decays
yet angel hosts adore you
and tremble as they gaze
O'mother of my saviour
you stand beside your Son
with love beyond all telling
you share His grief as one
How shall i know your sorrow
your tears beyond compare?
deep in my heart stand watching
and call my memory there
In this your bitter passion
Good Shepperd think of me
with your most sweet compassion
unworthy though i be
Beneath your cross abiding
forever would i rest
In your dear love confiding
and with your presence blest
I see your strength and vigor
all fading in the strife
and death with cruel rigor
bereaving you of life
O'agony and dyeing
O'love to sinners free!
Jesus, all grace supplying
O' turn your face to me. 

i got this sacred hyme out of a book called "following Jesus Christ"
the words humbled me and bought me close to the cross and His death.
i hope it humbles you like it humbled me


Love Michelle Lee Carter 

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