For Entertainment Only

Perhaps too few hugs, too much alcohol and drugs. Lives lived poorly focused, malarkey based on hocos pocus

What type of being with a brain believes that they were solely created to merely entertain 

Life has a loftier design.
The glitzy illusions of Hollywood has caused many to lose their minds

Celebrity demons, males with husbands, females  with wives. Morally and spiritually more dead than alive

There is a much more important meaning to life. In reality how productive for humankind is a female having a wife 

Medieval harlequins,
dancers, troubadours, modern day comedians, strippers and rappers galore

Acrobats, wrestlers, boxing
kangaroos, and jugglers being prostituted like whores

Modern times are almost identical to the times that came before. Next generation does not stand a chance

Lives wasted in jokes, songs and libidinous dance. Causing sanity to holler. Living pretend lives for worthless paper dollars

WBO, IBF, WBC, UFC, wrestlers
with  cauliflowered ears, punch
drunk pugilist once young bucks without fear 

Now, down on their luck, they
become bouncers in joints built to drink wine, spirits and beer

Our creation was for a much loftier plan than drinking Heineken straight from a can. Or for a female to dress like a man

Hollywood, Hollyweird, females amputating their breast and trying to grow beards. San Francisco, New York, New York the Big Apple

Locked in a gender identity grapple. amerikkka's present state is a pity. Las Vegas represents itself as Sin City

Life has a much loftier design. The glitzy illusions of Hollywood has caused many to lose their minds

Soon we will die leaving this world behind. Having to account to God on how wisely we spent our time

Abu Lateef

The oldest versions of the
word harlequin — the Middle Dutch hellekijn and the Old French hellequin, reference Hell and meant a kind of demon. In the translation from French to English, the harlequin lost his demonic quality and became a clown. A joker, comedian, geeks and side show freaks with deep pockets and heads filled with nonsense.
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For Entertainment Only