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Our Resident Ghosts

Our cabin is a humble place
that's hidden in the hills.
We built this little bungalow
we call Linda's and Will's.

To all the critters, passing through
we've played the friendly hosts,
and now we have new visitors:
Assorted nightly ghosts!

They'll flit by in our tiny room
when it is late and dark;
the very instant they appear,
they'll cause our dog to bark!

Some nights, they'll leave a floral scent
or touch us from behind;
these visitations proved to us
we haven't lost our minds!

They must have passed the word around
about our friendly home,
as fellow spirits have arrived
and feel the urge to roam.

More other-worldly sounds are heard
whenever they appear;
and late some nights, I'm startled
by a whisper in my ear!

Funny, that they visit us
out on their nightly jaunt.
In any case, I wonder why
they chose our house to haunt?


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Our Resident Ghosts