Ali Got Smoked 8 March 1971

Joe Frazier a South Carolinian who became a North Philadelphian fighting machine climbed into the ring dressed in green.

Smoke'n Joe Bob'n and weaving his head like a Singer sewing machine. Ali dressed in red. He held and clinched all night long.

Both left the ring nearly dead. Joe like in the song "Old Man River" just kept banging Ali's body and rolling along.

Smoking Joe Frazier whipping every body except Rizzo and his police. The Pigs loved law abiding Joe,

Don't you know he was
considered Philadelphia's most splendid fighting beast.

Smoking Joe Frazier's left hooks
had the shocking power of a policeman's electrical taser.

Joe Frazier that night blessed by heaven. Puts Ali down for the count in round eleven. Silencing the Louisville Lip.

That night the Louisville Lip
looked psychologically whipped and physically ill equipped.

A pugilistic spectacle that I actually saw. They raised Frazier"s hand and my hero Ali left with a broken jaw.

Abu Lateef

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Ali Got Smoked 8 March 1971