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Wives' Tales...
a tale of wives

By whom, where and why
were such fallacies spun,
and just when had these words 
of wit truly begun?

Were they hatched in a circle
of old ladies knitting,
or fashioned from dreams
of old wives, babysitting?

Perhaps they began
with a jug of homebrew
between mischievous wives
who had nothing to do?

How many tall tales
are now fully defunct
as those bogus creations
we later debunked?

There was a time
when we used them as guides.
Who'd have guessed that those fables
were spread by our brides?

We've lived by those stories
for most of our lives.
Were they really the falsehoods
of everyone's wives?

They were probably bandied
across picket fences,
as spoofs to fool husbands
who lacked better senses.

They are chuckled upon
as the old womens' gaffe,
but their namesake implies
that they had the last laugh!


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Wives` Tales, A Tale Of Wives