White and Afraid

Afraid of nullification, elimination, erasure, deletion. They say, "We
will not be replaced" in this land
by any other race

Some conclude and genuinely
feel upon completion of reading
the Declaration of Independence. That they have gotten a raw deal

Not all but many of them feel. When government does not represent the people it's time for "We the People" to pick up powder and steel

When they cannot afford
an automobile and/or
insurence they lose patience
and endurance

Whenever they have not the wherewithal to feed their families. Unable to purchase catsup and bread or pork chops to put into a pot

Through armed insurrection some become desparate enough to fire off shots. Wondering if Roosevelt's New deal was ever actually real

Common sense is no longer
in vogue. Many government officials have gone rogue. Operating in their own peculiar mode

Many no longer support a
government that no longer tends to their aspirations. Having to pay taxes and getting no representation

Being targeted with false
accusations. Hearing the darkies blame them for slavery. Then demanding monetary reparations

They feel that there is an anti-white socio-political movement in this nation. To bring into creation a draconian racial reversal of situations

They are resolute that they will not be treated like Negras on any new millennial plantations. Some feel that they are treated so badly. A sad sad story

Like grieving upon the death of "Ole Glory." Some no longer stand nor believe in pledging an allegiance to what they believe is becoming a Rainbow Nation

Abu Lateef Babatunde

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White and Afraid