Richterís dawn

Dawn arrived in a velvety whisper on the silvery dew blanketing Richterís lawn.
Only one of 24 dawns that would today paint the global time zones warm.
Richter looked ahead stifling his yawn.
Frowning at the western powers mad push for war.
Would the populace rise and put a stop to the elites evil sparring.
After all, itís ours and our childrenís future they are marring.
Richter thought about many things and what each would bring.
This global war narrative was camouflage for the greedy grab for energy and bling.
He considered all those missiles about to sling and he could not sing.
Richter realized that someone was shouting ding, ding, ding.
It was his alarm like an uninvited lingering cringe.
He was not a fan of time nor its lust to, on your life essence binge.
Richter walked to his screen door and inhaled the wholesome,
liberating smell of dew on wet grass.
Brightly washed Periwinkles soothed his mind in therapeutic colorful blasts,
and dawnís finest brush had stroked this morning in to living extravagant day light,
in its open-handed grasp.
Richter caught himself just as he was about to turn and comment to his absent corporate companion,
he corrected his lapse.
He stepped out into the early warmth of the morningís rays,
standing bare foot on the Earth, battle charging all his synapses.
Richter considered himself a man of peace, but they were insane globalists,
elitists who wanted to blow everyone to pieces.
It was at that moment, it dawned on Richter, he would have to fight this evil until it deceases.
He had to save the dawn for his young nephews and nieces,
freeing them from the globalists enslaving leases.
Richterís family name was Reece, and he would not of all he had worked hard for,
so many years, be fleeced!!
He would not be happy to not own anything and no bling!!
Richter was now in the fight; he would battle with all his might!!
No flight, only forward to grasp victory and lead triumph into humanityís sight in shining righteous light.

CI-367179722 Knight Truelove Poems