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Tatum's Trippy Tales
coming face to face with my older, wiser self...

Spirit Guide

My troubled life once weighed me down
and caused my soul to weep.
One night, I felt a calm respite
before I fell asleep.

And soon, I drifted off someplace
where I had never been,
with visions from the future
emanating from within.

I chatted with my older self,
as strange as it may seem;
some forty years divided us
in this prophetic dream.

I found myself with thin, gray hair
and time-etched weary eyes,
while every word to pass my lips
enlightening and wise.

"Who knows you better than yourself?",
he asked me with a smile.
"I know of all your tendencies,
your never-changing style.

I've seen the coming forty years
you'll soon embark upon,
and I can help you with your choice
of roads to travel on;

and as you search within yourself,
I'll be your guiding light;
then, one day, as you're looking back
you'll see that I was right."

When I awoke, I felt a peace
that came from deep inside;
to think my future wisdom
would become my spirit guide!



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