3rd Party Chaperone

Keep your ancestral ways, values and culture. Stay away from their lust for money and lies. Don't fall under the sway of Iblis's Hex and Western disguise.

Dead body still and bloody with eyes agape. Sex, drugs and insurance money, Unfaithful spouse and a worthless backstabbing buddy.

A recipe for domestic doom. Your lover and buddy are never to be left alone for long extended periods when you are not in the room.

The Shaytaan will temp the two.
Unmarried couples should not be left together alone. Shaytan indubitably becomes their third party chaperone.

Parties of the opposite sex are never just good friends. Never open that door because the devil will step in. With the opposite sex never tarry until you have married.

Seperation of the sexes.
Appropriate dress code and
manners matter. If you sucumb
to the ways of the West.

Distrust, anxiety, depression, fornication and adultery
will make your life and
societal life sadder.

Each succeeding generation
worse than its predecessor.
A mess that shows no prospect of ever getting any better.

Abu Lateef

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3rd Party Chaperone