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Info Overload

We've been submerged and overwhelmed
by tons of information.
They over-sell to over-swell
our heads with "mind inflation".

They tell us what and where to buy,
and how to do it cheaper,
then fill our ears with guilt and fears
to wheedle us in deeper.

Technology is everything,
and changes by the minute.
It will  dictate our future fate
and how we figure in it!

You buy the latest high-tech craze
from your local tech store geek,
then meet the end of a short-lived trend
that's passe' in a week!

Commercials here, and info there!
They're getting us confused!
The home airway in which they play
is heavily abused!

My show was interrupted
by a sponsor over-staying,
and once it ground my patience down,
I'd forgotten what was playing!

What's good today, is bad tomorrow,
so where's the credibility?
To make the splash or save the cash
depends on gullibility.

Those cheesy jingles fill our minds,
and warp our brains forever.
We go to bed with tune-filled heads,
then, wake up normal...Never!

Health, and car, and life insurance,
pockets feels the drain!
"Won't be out done!"-"We're number one!"
They give me a migraine!

Today's high-tech intelligence
reduced me to a dunce;
when I re-checked in retrospect,
my brain was normal, once.


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Info Overload