Richter no longer a civilian

Richter considered the choices
after enduring all of lifeís invoices.
What was the sum of lifeís sum!
Was it to walk a nuclear waste land slum?
Where there was not even a plum of sustenance to power the heart drum.
There had to be another way. A place where love and peace play.
When freedom and liberty happily stay and it was still fun to frolic in the hay,
with a beautiful woman, who knew how to make a man feel human.
Richter would not allow the elitists to rob him of the joys of life.
He would neither wilt nor melt from globalists made strife.
The reality is he would thrive and survive.
Richterís mind was now clear and free of media narrative and incantations.
He would no longer live in their 5G plantations.
Richter put on his war camo and cap, then marched across his front door mat.
Richter was now on a war footing, free of social mediaís mental looting.
He was now emotionally holes in their false flags shooting and for humanityís survival rooting.
Richter was a changed man, stepping up his game and history would record his name,
as one who stood up against tyranny and faced down global infamy.
Richter was on fire and burning bright was his ire against elitists liars.

CI-526497921 Knight Truelove Poems