Richterís war prep

Richter mentally examined his war chest.
The truth is, it was not stocked the best
and he could not rest if he had to put it to the test.
The supermarket car parks were mostly empty now,
like they had been grazed by herds of shopping cows.
Both the tanks of his war wagon were filled with diesel,
its engine quiet like a painterís canvas sitting on an easel.
He would bug out off-grid rather than live under the digital lock downs of elitists weasels.
Gas at the pump was heading hard to the sump with no reserves in the supply chain empty trains.
Richter would not join the digital id crowd in helping construct his own enslavement,
with CBD currency taking his money through enforced global aggrievement,
for elitists pleasures and enrichment.
This really was not the future he had in mind,
but over the years it had nagged at him because he was not blind.
Richter had never been the predictive movie programming slumbering kind.
He thought about the eastern nations alternative currency systems,
now bypassing western banking sanctions and petrol supply and production schisms.
Good thing that many of his friends had kept their heads and hid away some silver and gold coin,
instead of amassing bleeding out dollars, losing value as he had read.
Soon to be worth less than lead.
Richter made a right turn off the highway, he was moving out of the city to his rural homestead.

He had his planting seeds and a cleverly concealed well.
All those satanic globalists and their 2030 spells could go to hell.
Richter had never agreed with censoring the truth nor punishing freedom of expression.
Ah! He knew he had forgotten something. Before they turned off the net,
he had to get one of those things, what do they call it, star minks,
so he could follow and join like-minded truth speakers in live sessions,
fighting back the false recessions.
Richter knew he would not go down without a fight. He would not give up his rights.
If he died, he would land on his knees in Heaven, which for him was quite alright!
Richter would marvel at the rewarding heavenly sights
worshipping the One greatest in love, power and might.
The living Truth in person and the One true Light.
There he was sure his future was bright.
Here, Richter hated all this world order blight.

CI-403394700 Knight Truelove Poems