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All that exists is love

Whatever I am, whatever I hope to

Be, whatever I ultimately become,

I do for love and above all, I do

For you.

His hand hovered around her mydryf,

Up or down she was his and he was

Hers, their union a sudden burst of

Energy so intense, so all-consuming,

The world ceased to be, all there was,

All that mattered, was the raging love

They felt for each other.

An all consuming love, a love without

Boundaries, a wild hungry love, each

Seeking to dwell within the other, to be

Part of the other. A communion of souls

Wherein two become one, he a part of

Her, she a part of him, an everlasting

Inseparable love, forged in the heart

And forever united.

United by a bond struck thousands of

Years earlier when the first man loved

The first woman, a work of art so

Breathtakingly beautiful, so desirable

Her countenance, so fabulous her figure,

Dazzling the eyes of the man who held

Her and when rendered naked, more than

His heart could stand, love in the raw,

Love beyond price.

Passion will not be delayed by the rule

Of man, passion is its own instrument of

Power. The eyes encourage desire in the

Heart, and what the heart desires will

Not be defeated by anyone or anything,

For what the heart wants the heart will

Have, almost at any price, such is the

Power of love.

Love, a roll in the hay, a flash in the pan,

So many reasons to exist, each valid in

Their own way, but the love I have in mind

Is of the enduring kind, the everlasting

Kind, the kind that once encountered

Will never be forsaken. Longevities child

In every way, a love naturally born to face

The trials of life, but equally born to greet

The dawn of each new day, passionately

Renewed as the shadows lengthen in the

Failing light of the evening sun.

Whatever I am, whatever I hope to be,

Let it be wrapped in your arms my love,

Held in the warmest and most welcoming

Place on earth, a place where time slips

Away, the world is forgotten and all

That exists is love.

© Joseph G Dawson