New Millennial Sodom and Gomorrah

Western society is at it's lowest
level. Lockstep in full submission to the devil. Wanting heaven to be on Earth. For what good is it worth.

They promote wrong as right
and right as wrong. You can see
it in their cinema and hear it
in their songs.

Like a narrative from the
Torah. The West has become
a new millennial Sodom
and Gomorrah.

They happily, rapidly labor towards diviant pathological behavior. Blasphemous clowns joking about their Lord and Savior.

The morally and mentally delirious. Never taking Tawheed serious. Inviting all to become queerly bi-curious. Two men cannot make baby.

Two women cannot produce a
single child. Designed to decrease
the population explosion in
a short while.

From Margaret Sanger to
Dennis Prager the West has rapidly
declined. Having collectively and internationally lost their minds.

On Earth whites have always been a racial numerical minority.Now the colored Majority through sheer numbers are again on the rise.

Through Islam's good morality, good behavior is increasing in popularity. Spreading among the masses.
To all ethnicities and classes.

Submission to Allah is on the
rise. Color does not make a human superior. Except through bigoted racist unbelieving eyes.

Islam is for all the people.
The only way to prosper and
survive in the West. And
Allah knows best.

Abu Lateef

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New Millennial Sodom and Gomorrah