What's left for them to do

When white people feel their aspirations are repressed by an oppressive government what is left for them to do

When the citizenry feels that they are victims of a tyrannical government entity what is
left for them to do

Should they continue to cast
a seemingly meaningless
vote. Quote MLK and say,
"we will over come"

Should they be patient. Should they obey their pastors. Should they pray, sing, dance and
become creators of the Bluez

Some say white folks have
no rhythm. How do you figure.
For sure they refuse to be treated like Jiggers

For sports and fun they do
have guns and refuse to
lose. And are known to
squeeze a trigger

When bamboozled and/or ignored by their government representatives what are
they to do. January 6th part two

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde
© 2022


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   What`s left for them to do