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The Dark Month

The month of April overshadows
all months of the year
in overall catastrophes
and harbingers of fear:

E.T. Sightings, bombings, shootings,
massive earthquakes, war,
explosions, meltdowns, fear of panic,
sinking ships, and more.

Of the twelve-month chain, we find
the fourth, the weakest link.
Historically, the same is true,
which causes one to think:

"What natural, political
or scientific trends
bring April demons on the world
that cause them to descend?

Coincidence? it makes no sense
and seldom proves as true.
An underlying darkness
pulls the strings, out of our view."

"April showers may bring May flowers,
with season's regularity,
but, April ruins can make big doin's
in global news disparity!


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The Dark Month