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The rubble of love

Oh it hurts, hurts as much as any pain in the

World can hurt - if not more. In fact some would

Say it is potentially seismic in its ability to sway

Confidence, demolish dreams and raze promise

To the ground and when the dust settles, all that

Remains is a tearfully confused heart searching

For answers through the rubble of love.

Answers that do not come easily, save perhaps

For the panic-stricken need to do something,

Anything to put things right. Turn back the clock,

Save the day, save the love, save that this love

Does not want to be saved, for this love has

Silently and secretly carved out another love

Elsewhere, leaving behind a troubled heart, so

Let down, so betrayed it may never trust to

Love again.

Oh, the rubble of love, climb over the debris,

Rummage through the smashed fragments of

Happiness, but wear something warm, for this

Is where the icy wind of lies and deceit blows

Hard and heavy over the mangled wreckage of

An unsuspecting heart. No signs to warn of

Betrayal, no word on the grapevine, no sign of

Two-timing, just an empty house, an empty

Bed, an empty wardrobe, a cab called while

You were at work and finally, a key and a

Note in a white envelope waiting at home.

There is a long sleepless night ahead and when

Dawn breaks and the tears have not stopped, you

Rise to your first day of living alone, still in a daze,

Still wondering what happened, what went wrong?

Days that creep by and cold nights that crawl...

Welcome to the rubble of love.

© Joseph G Dawson