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The USA is an expert in self-preservation. No war has been fought on US soil except the Civil War. Putin will not be defeated by Ukraine and will attack Ukraine with Tactical Nuclear weapons.  Experts are not sure how NATO and USA will react but I am sure what they will do. They will not do a thing. WHY? Here is my reasoning.
Ukraine is not a NATO member so Article 5 will not apply. NATO members will split in giving support to Ukraine. NATO countries with nuclear weapons will not use them against Russia because their countries will be attacked with nuclear weapons by Russia and smaller countries like the UK will be destroyed and the USA will hold back to avoid Armageddon. After the nuclear attack, Ukraine will surrender like Japan did after the USA bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The USA has let down the countries in the past and letting down Ukraine will not be a new thing for them. Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, and Afghanistan are examples of how the USA let them down. It will not be a new thing for them to let Ukraine down.

At this moment Russia uses Oil and Gas to hold the world random. After conquering Ukraine, Russia will also use Grain to control the world. What can you and I do? Nothing. We cannot do anything. We are helpless. At least there will not be Armageddon. We will be safe.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
11th October 2022.

~Ukrainian authorities prepare for a nuclear attack~
Zeleb.es - 13 November 22:30

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~Ukraine can't ignore Putin's threats~
Not long after Russia attacked Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin began to let world leaders know that he was willing to use the big guns and make use of the country's vast supply of nuclear arms if need be.

~Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst~
While some believe that Putin's threats are empty words to try to scare Ukraine into submission, Ukrainians must consider all possibilities and be prepared for the worst.
13 November 2022.

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