Richter and the battle for love

As Richter was reading through some of his penmanship,
he realized he could hear his tears hitting the writing like rain.
His emotions surged and billowed like a storm sitting over the plains of his heart,
Draining down his face along the rugged ramparts.
Love seemed to be fading again and from reading the energy there was no evading
Who was this lingering enemy attacking love in the guise of a frenemy.
All kind of pronouns trying to put language in a cemetery.
Colors going crazy believing that they can make morals lazy.
Some kids and adults identifying as animals, birds and other.
Richter thought it was all a big stupid bother.
He was not even sure these days whether to say mister,
miss or if the person identified as another.
Why, some people could no longer be called parent,
father or mother without working themselves up into a lather.
Whatever with this world was the matter!!
Had it all gone to hell mad hatter!!
As for the screeching karens,
he was on guard against those love deprived vociferous haters.
And these attackers of Missing Love,
what claim did these denizens have to linger?
I would invoke against them Godís almighty finger.
Discerning that thrones were set up;
I would pull them down without letup.
Through revelation showed their roofless standing structure.
Its foundation I would fracture and then the territory capture.
Pulling it to the ground and smashing it pound by pound.
Then remove it all to the dump,
casting it down on the garbage piled up rump.
Richter battled on knowing that by the power of God,
another house set free.
Advancing the Kingdom, you see.
Richter knew his orders: occupy, advance and stand.
Missing Love the enemy could not remand.
Not as long as he was standing at his spiritual post.
Under the command of the One who loves us the most.
In Whom Richter would fully boasts.
As Richter walked in the front door,
he smelled some delicious venison roast.
Then he saw Billie across the floor and,
she raised two glasses for a toast.
She sure looked good in his football shirt.
He was sure it was an invitation to flirt,
with merriment and mirth in front the warm hearth.
Billie was a woman with girth
and she knew a thousand ways to prove her worth.

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