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Just by myself

I'm not going to try and be with anyone else.
I'm sure it's not them. Positive that it's me.
I don't deserve love.
I don't know what it is or what it looks like
I'll be ok by myself.
I can't hurt people by myself.
I can't take people for granted by myself
If I'm by myself no one can leave me. Because I'll be by myself
When she leaves, I'll just be by myself.
I can't see me being with anyone else. Silly, but true.
I only wanted a friend who wasn't a threat to either of us.
I only wanted to take care of us like you do.
I only wanted you.
I'll just sit and wait for the day when you say you want me gone.
You already can't stand to be around me.
Last night you played sleep.
And it's been over 30 days.
I lost count cause I barely sleep.
I deserve whatever happens.
And you deserve happiness.
Not someone like me.
I deserve loneliness.
I'll just be by myself.

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Just by myself