AmeriKKKan Syndicate: Fat Kat Korporate Kings

A rebellious bastard child, the orphaned heir apparent to imperial British rule. Vanquishes the Spanish making English Northern Mexico's new unwelcomed language

The spoils of war makes parts of Mexico new territories belonging to the USA. Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Corporate chiefs always using the military to fleece. AmeriKKKan empire, self-anointed, exploiting, disjointing, self-appointed, beastial economic world police

Blatant hypocrisy disguised as an all inclusive democracy. Racist ameriKKKa annexes land not people. To this day if you speak Spanish, they want you out

They want your land but they do
not want you. Island jumping from
sea to sea. Imperial ameriKKKa colonizing the once free

The United States is united in
white supremacy. To be specific taking from the indigenous of
both the Atlantic and the Pacific

You know the story that is horrific. Of how they used their navy and army to annex territory. Greedy vociferous corporate heads wrapped in Old Glory

Bullying the indigenous until subdued or dead. The same gory, age old story. In the Philippines, Hawaii, Guam, Samoa and the Northern Marianas

Countless scenes of ameriKKKan
land rape, piracy and drama.
Deceived by another beastly Western Nation cloaked in disguise

In less time than it takes for a
blue eye to blink, hoodwinked
and scammed by that dastardly
ugly ameriKKKan

Given bibles and told lies.
The indigenous population suddenly realizes they've been bamboozled
and robbed of their land. Revolt became their stand

Damn that forked tongue diabolical Uncle Sam. Their screaming national symbol that flaming blood thirsty Eagle eith talons extended has ripped its way through humanity

Exploiting others resources to keep its merchant class in riches. Overfed thieving white supremacist, Republican and Democrat capitalist sons of bitches

The people of the Pacific and Atlantic have shed oceans of tears. Fat Kat Korporate Kings wheeling and dealing as they do treacherous things

They’ve turned guano into gold
like they did the tobacco and cotton and the labor from the African
people that they stole

Ill begotten gains misappropriated
by the morally rotten. They have turned many into slaves stripping them of their native language, culture and original names

The United Vulture States has profited greatly from mining guano from throughout their possessions in the Caribbean has for hundreds of years

Likewise, through military ameriKKKan gangsterism they've stolen oil, gold, silver, nickel, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, antimony, iron, manganese, and tungsten from every corner of the earth from sea to shining sea

Dropping anchor in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands and Panamá to mention a few

General Smedley D. Butler spoke the truth using his own military experience as proof. When he said, "War is a racket."

The US Government Syndicate is a well equipped, well armed violent, malevolent criminal enterprise. That takes from the poor and gives to the rich at home and abroad.

The MAGA highfalutin still polluting the minds of the poor masses. Exploiting the working classes in a last ditch effort to stay on top.

The masses have awakened and are no longer as easily taken or fooled. Those on the top talking in code continue oratorically to drop more bull.

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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AmeriKKKan Syndicate: Fat Kat Korporate Kings