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I packed my things in pain.
Took them from her home....
Packed them in her vehicle....
Drove to my own home and never removed anything.
Because my home ain't my home.
My home is her.
I neglected it...
Disrespected and disregarded her emotions and placed my own ego above everything
I wasted her time.
I wasted her energy.
She hurts more now than when I met her.
She's shut me out...because of me
Me....selfish me.
It couldn't have been all my ex's
It was me
Raises hand...I'm the culprit.
I'm the deceiver
I'm the liar.
There's nothing left inside but darkness but I mixed the paint myself
Once colorful flowers lie dead in my path
The hi was her...she was it.
My low is next. Then prayerfully my exit.
Not before karma comes to greet my soul....
It's already eating my ass alive.
I don't have an appetite.
Sleep has thrown me away.
My boy wants tay tay.
Nobody really wants me here anyway
Not after how I behaved. I don't not blame them
It was me that threw it away.
I pray to the lord the low will take me far away someday
Until then ima sit in the prison that I'm hand designing for myself
Make sure I can't do what I've done to her to anyone else.

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