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I'm learning everything has a reaction.
It's either consequence or reward.
Every choice I make is going to have something behind it.
Not thinking about the good and the bad....
It's a bad choice when making a choice.
Black and white.
I chose black. Hoping I can make it Grey.
Funny thing is I hear another's words coming from your mouth
Sad thing is I know where you've been.
But I'm not going to act on it.
It is my own consequence.
It's eating away at me and this is only the beginning.
I'm going to set you free
You deserve to be happy
I will not fight the choice you made for me
It was my choice that made you stop watering our tree
I hope you find what you need.
I don't think I ever deserved for it to be me.
I let go of my claim on you.
It's a free world.

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