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I really be afraid of how you're going to view me when I tell you
The financial side of things.
That's why I try and fix it myself.
I isolate cause I'm embarrassed
I never wanted you to see me the way you see me now.
Truly I wanted to love and take care of you.
I blurred the lines and made everything something it's not
It's me. Telling myself it's this way when it's really not
I try and make you see it from my perspective and you're the one that's hurt
I understand what you're saying. I hear you
I half ass loved you. Yet again
And half ass is not what you need.
You need devotion.
I want to be that one.
I'll take the anger.
I'll take the consequences but it's you who doesn't deserve that.
You shouldn't have to do that in order to be loved correctly.
I understand.
That's why I accept whatever it is you want to do.
I don't want to just look out for myself.
I realized that about 12 hours after I acted a fool for no reason.
14 hours too late.
Love wouldn't do or be what I am to you.
Love wouldn't have picked the bottle up.
Love made me out the bottle down.
And just accept my consequences.
Accept my fate.

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