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UNFOR (Bosnia)

Peace keepers they called us
But we're just uniformed fools
Paying lip service to security
While terrorists broke all the rules.
That's my best mate
Sitting over there
Eyes fixed on the wall
In a long blank stare.
His body's all a tremble
He's nodding his head
I try to catch his attention but
His eyes are blank and dead.

That last street patrol
Was just one patrol too far
In his mind he's still seeing
That fast burning car.
The child he's holding tightly
As he smothers out the flames
The mother holding another
Screaming out their names.
Just innocent people
Who happened to walk past
Caught by chance in
That car bombs blast.
It seems to me he's in
A near catatonic state
So I guess for now I've lost
Another long standing mate.
It's down time now
A wad and a smoke
Somebody cracks
A spirit lifting joke
But my best mate is still
Well  away from it all
That glassy eyed stare
Still fixed on the wall.

The medics are coming
They'll sedate him to bed
See what they can do
To sort out his head.
It just won't be the same
Now that he's gone
I'll miss him like hell
But this life still moves on
Back out in the streets we made sure
We didn't act without due thought,
Some trouser polishing johnny lawyer
Would've have had us up before the court.

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