Poems of Hope and Peace  
  Michelle Lee Carter

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O”Jesus song
O”jesus you light the way
Forever in your presence I will stay
When darkness overtakes me and I shed a tear
I run in your sheltered presence here
O’the day is adorning we are singing to Jesus our savior
He is coming in the clouds at an uknown hour
Bright is the Son
We are waiting for His peace to come!
O’ reach thee in the heavens above
Upon a sweet, sweet dove
Trouble comes but you are there
As I sit upon the chair
You wont forsake me and I grope my ways to you
Underneath the sky so blue
O’holy ghost burn your flame
Take us from the mya
And will never be the same
O”its another day to know Jesus is faithful and true
The clouds in the sky Jesus remind me of you
Jesus is knocking at our door
The angels hushing Come”and adore”
Mercy , peace and love
The Father,Son and Spirit are one!



Blessings 24/11/2022
Michelle Lee Carter

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