Offspring Sprung

Advancing in years offspring can be a
panoply. Feeling disrespected
and neglected by first born progeny. Now he's questioning the veracity of her parental identity

Who did he actually sire.
Was his spouse a lier. Deep retro reflecting he wonders how has
this come to be

Without exactitude he
wonders could it be attributed
to her highly concentrated levels of spiritual negritude

Once depended upon him for her every need and her very life. She doesn't have time to see if he's alright. Seems a Masters degree hasn't taught her much

When some offspring become sprung they can become unreliable in a crunch. A second born may make
time and show you better care

Make you wonder how you would
fair if she didn't make an effort to always let you know and physically demonstrate and show she really cares

So if possible reproduce as many offspring as nature allows. You never know which one in your old age will make you most proud. In emergencies it's always good to have backups, a spare

Abu Lateef

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Offspring Sprung