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Your profile picture was leaves
And the name was the emoji lips cause
You didn't let me say what I felt about that 3way
You told me to just let you feel it
Leaves because everyone leaves
I thought you would leave after that.
I thought you were staying cause you felt like
It would be messed up to leave me after the accident
I thought you weren't happy and you stayed out of pity
You are searching for all the answers right now
You're looking for me to be unfaithful in any way
You're looking for a reason to leave me here
You don't have to.
I have put you through more than enough
The least I can do is walk away when you're ready to leave
Just tell me you're ready for me to go and I will
Disappear like a whisper
If you said to stay I would be confused as to why
If you don't trust me at all then why?
These last two years must have been awful for you.
You deserve better than me
It's in my dna to mess up
I don't know why I'm like this.
I don't understand all the concepts
I can't fit together all the pieces
You should have a person who is strong confident
Respectful loyal
Basically someone you don't have to raise.
It's hard to wrap around the thought of No us...
I lose myself in you every time....
As much as I want it to
That can't be good....can it?
No one wants someone they have to do this with every so often
It's probably better if you be true to your intuition.
Believe it. It's more than likely right.
I'm not anything less than the demon you described me to be.
I thought I had but I still haven't changed.
Just tried to find a shortcut I guess.
I don't know.
I don't know anything anymore.

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