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Sober brain

Preparing for the reset.
This comes after the reject.
The oooppss I failed the whole test.
Possibly forfeit it.
I think I studied for the wrong subject.
I'm in calculus
But I know I read about spaceships
Thought about faking sick
Going home studying and then trying again
But I forgot where my home is
Truth is I got kicked out of it.
But that means I'm homeless.
Bro where in the world have I been
Somewhere drunk letting life watch me
Sobered up and life said eff me
I tried to give you comfort and you shattered me
I tried to love you and you just sat and replayed your version of reality
You broke us...I could hear life shouting back at me
My sober brain stuck in all the pain that that addiction brang
I should've done the work, I should've made more of an effort and it's too late now
To pay attention to all the s&$t that you didn't
Life is done now...she put the pen down
Close the book and burned it to ashes.
I dropped out...really done got kicked out all these classes
No doors open
No future to hope in
It's just silence.

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Sober brain