The Trap of Rejection

It’s such a pretty sight
How it’s happened all my life
Formed my beauty, thoughts, intellect,
My compassion for others,
Super heightened sensitivity & empathy…

Passion for food for comfort
A need to defend myself bc
Nobody else would…
The argumentativeness boiling over,
Like hot molten lava
Bubbling with a deep core rage
Masked in unbearable pain…

Not understanding why I don’t
Fit in anywhere
Not knowing I was Chosen
Before I was formed in the womb
See people have placed me in a tomb,
In their mind, in kind
No matter how kind I was,
In hindsight…

But the Holy Spirit gave me revelation
And direction
And guidance
And began to heal me,
When I surrendered to His Will
For my life
With tears slippin’ as I pen this,
I try not to trip over my isolation,
Of the earthly sort…

Reflecting back on who I once was -
Where they left me at and
Want me to stay at,
Yet are infuriated at my transformation,
I know it wasn’t by my might or power
But the by Almighty, who pulled me thru
Higher & Higher onto
My Purpose
And Calling
And Destiny
Over my Life

So as I denounce this spirit of rejection
Over me,
I take hold & authority over it,
By the power & the blood of Jesus Christ
My Lord & Savior who Strengthens me
While I’m still slaying it,
I’m praying & fasting to remove it
For good
For once and for all
To Break its Chains,
So it doesn’t gain the next generation,
Within my beloved daughter, amen.

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The Trap of Rejection