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Eyes Shut Wide Open

All that needs to be known is being forced out of hiding. 
The darkest of dark in high power positions doing evils biding
How is it nothing is being done, when will enough be enough.?
Has fear gotten the people to have their eyes shut wide open.?.

To the old souls among us,  it's time to plant the seeds of love and
compassion  By example it will be shown, what was thought lost 
can be found. All it took was a dim lite match in a pitch black room.
One by one rediscovering their divine beginnings beautiful and profound,

Consciousness is king, let our thoughts of fear fade and witness its chains
disappear.. We begin to rise up out of  this darkness while fearlessly we
reclaim our voice, realizing each of us holds the power of choice, its time
to rejoice and hearts sing,as our choice for peace on earth loudly rings.

And So It Is.

Joy Hardy
Nov 28Th 2022