No Merry Xristmas 4 Mama

The city is all lit up and decorated
for the yule time season. Weather getting cold almost freeze'n. In Xristmas spirit no one seems to lag

Cold blooded robbers chill'n in
the cut before blasting about town robbing and killing. Funerals directors ordering more coffins and body bags

In the city of brotherly love. Shoves but no hugs only bloodshed. On Philadelphia streets there's a good possibility that you'll end up dead meat

Mama birthed five sons by
maybe as many as seven different dudes. Mama has never been a pillar of virtue and she dresses rather lewd

She gave it up easily no one wanted
to take her for a wife. Not finishing high school brought even more complications and strife into her life

She got no help except from the government. She always, always struggled to pay rent. The governor like a pimp only gave her enough to survive

By the age of eight the boys were forming their own crew. Five finger discounts, light touch, strong arm tactics with sticky paws

Is there any wonder why her sons were often on the wrong side of the law. By the time that they had reach their teens they're packing Glock 19's

Always giving gifts to Mama that she gladly accepted. She would be all smiles like something was funny. Never asking how or where they got their money

Having to make arrangements for three funerals she prays down on her
knees as she grieves and blames
the police. Seeking public support, money and sympathy

Crying that the police brutality
and gun violence has to stop. Something has to be done about
these murderous Cops

This year she's tells the news reporters that she won't be having a Merry Xristmas because of the cops. She just wants the violence to stop

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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No Merry Xristmas 4 Mama