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Kiss the moonlight

In a blush of love her trembling heart fluttered under his

Spell. Where he went, where she let him go, a matter of

Consent, a willing conspiracy between fingers and flesh

She hurrying his advances, he reading her appetite for

Love perfectly.

The night was warm and the moon in a voluptuous mood,

Big, bright, perfectly formed and so very sexy. They watched

As its light slowly advanced across the pillow slipping into the

Narrowest of spaces between them and in a moment of sheer

Ecstasy she watched as he touched the moonlight, cupped

The moonlight, kissed the moonlight.

Oh, but she loved him so very dearly, they were so right for

Each other, so good for each other. Even when she was cross

With him she battled through tears of uncertainty fearing he might

Walk away, but he never did, for he loved her just as much as

She loved him and when he was wrong, it quickly dawned and

All became well again often with a whispered 'come my love,

Kiss the moonlight' before they slept.

© Joseph G Dawson